ExamNotes for CompTIA Aplus Main Domain 1.0 Windows Operating Systems

ExamNotes for CompTIA A+ Main Domain 1.0 Windows Operating Systems

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A+ 220-902 Sub-objective Click on Active Title
1.1 Compare and contrast various features and requirements of Microsoft Operating Systems. MS OS Part 1Part 2
1.2 Given a scenario, install Windows PC operating systems using appropriate methods. Install Windows PC Operating System
1.3 Given a scenario, apply appropriate Microsoft command line tools. Command line tools
1.4 Given a scenario, use appropriate Microsoft operating system features and tools. MS OS features and tools Part 1Part 2
1.5 Given a scenario, use Windows Control Panel utilities. Control Panel utilities
1.6 Given a scenario, install and configure Windows networking on a client/desktop. Windows Networking
1.7 Perform common preventive maintenance procedures using the appropriate Windows OS tools. Preventive maintenance
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