ExamNotes for CompTIA Aplus Main Domain 3.0 Security

ExamNotes for CompTIA A+ Main Domain 3.0 Security

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Mian Domain 3.0 Security

A+ 220-902 Sub-objective Click on Active Title
3.1 Identify common security threats and vulnerabilities. Security threats
3.2 Compare and contrast common prevention methods. Prevention methods
3.3 Compare and contrast differences of basic Windows OS security settings. Windows OS security settings
3.4 Given a scenario, deploy and enforce security best practices to secure a workstation. Security best practices
3.5 Compare and contrast various methods for securing mobile devices. Securing mobile devices
3.6 Given a scenario, use appropriate data destruction and disposal methods. Data destruction and disposal
3.7 Given a scenario, secure SOHO wireless and wired networks. Secure SOHO networks

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