CompTIA Aplus Exam Notes for Exam 220-902

A+ Exam Notes for CompTIA Exam 220-902

These ExamNotes consist of one article for each A+ 220-902 Exam Sub-Objective as defined by CompTIA (just like our ExamNotes for A+ 220-901). If this was a book these articles would together represent a 100+ page book of very concentrated and focused A+ test preparation.

Click the underlined red links to view the exam notes for the respective CompTIA A+ exam 220-902 Main Domains

A+ 220-902 Main Domain 1.0 Windows Operating Systems
A+ 220-902 Main Domain 2.0 Other Operating Systems & Technologies
A+ 220-902 Main Domain 3.0 Security
A+ 220-902 Main Domain 4.0 Software Troubleshooting
A+ 220-902 Main Domain 5.0 Operational Procedures

We recommend you use these ExamNotes in conjunction with our CertBlaster A+ practice test. If you take an exam in Assessment or Certification Mode in CertBlaster exam you will, once you completed the exam, receive a custom Personal Testing Plan (PTP) that based on how you did will list all the areas that have been identified as your weaker areas by A+ Sub-objective just like these ExamNotes. The areas identified by CertBlaster and listed in the PTP are the ones you need to focus on in your A+ exam preparation. If you go down your custom PTP and just match the ExamNotes that pertain to you as per that PTP, you will now have a very efficient exam prep tool in your hands. Good luck on your quest for A+ certification!

Example of performance based question for A+ Exam 220-902

Below is a narrated and explained performance based question for A+ Exam 220-902. It is taken straight out of our CertBlaster exam simulator.


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